WCDB's Full Schedule


12:00 AM  Rollercoaster of feelings... (Specialty) with DJ QGTM (2 hours)
6:00 AM  (THE RE-HEAT) Waking up with HEAT (Alt Rock, Punk, Gentle) with HEAT (2 hours)
8:00 AM  Waking up with HEAT (Alt Rock, Punk, Gentle) with HEAT (2 hours)
3:00 PM  DJ Leejay (Specialty) (1 hour)
4:00 PM  The J-Card (Alternative) with DJ (d)James (2 hours)
8:00 PM  Past Life Radio: The Golden Era / The Next Level (Hip-Hop/R&B) with Mr. Every Day (2 hours)
10:00 PM  2 Schooled 4 Cool (Hip Hop / R&B) with DJ Balabusta (2 hours)
10:00 AM  Strange Quark Radio (Specialty) with DJ Rambutan (2 hours)
12:00 PM  DJ Drajini (Specialty) (1 hour)
2:00 PM  Rush Hour (Alt Rock) with DJ City Rat (2 hours)
4:00 PM  TGIF Jazz Party (Jazz) with Bill G (2 hours)
10:00 PM  Club Cyberia (Electronic) with Mors Codex (2 hours)
12:00 AM  Funky Corners (Old School/Funk/Beats) with T_Wheels (4 hours)
4:00 AM  Soft Horizons-Today's New Smooth R&B (Today's New Smooth R&B) with Mark Stevenson (2 hours)
6:00 AM  The Contemporary Jazz Cafe-Today's Smooth Jazz (Smooth Contemporary Jazz) with Mark Stevenson (2 hours)
8:00 AM  The Saturday Morning Edition of Jazz (Jazz) with Bill McCann (4 hours)
12:00 PM  The Many Moods of Sir Walford (Reggae/R&B) with Sir Walford (4 hours)
6:00 PM  The Kvoxcast (Punk/Metal/Hardcore/misc.) with DJ K-Vox (2 hours)
10:00 PM  MR. Every Day presents Block Giants Raw & Uncut (Hip Hop/R&B) with Mr. Every Day (2 hours)
12:00 AM  DJ Gay Dog (Specialty) (1 hour)
6:00 AM  Rhythm & Praise Gospel-All Of Today's Top Gospel Hits (Today's New Gospel Music) with Mark Stevenson (4 hours)
10:00 AM  Encore of The Saturday Morning Edition of Jazz (Jazz) with Bill McCann (4 hours)
2:00 PM  The Hazy Hour (Alternative) with DJ Double C (1 hour)
3:00 PM  Hover Session (Alt Rock) with DJ Ghosty Jam (1 hour)
4:00 PM  Caribbean Music Show (Reggae/Caribbean/World) with Mike Irry (2 hours)
8:00 PM  The Radioshow Beyond Time and Space or RoBoTS (Interview w. music) with DJ Dojo (1 hour)
1:00 PM  War Machine Live (R.P.M. (Electronic Music)) with JI Genesis (1 hour)
6:00 PM  B1END with DJ Katastrophy! (Speciality) with DJ Katastrophy! (2 hours)
8:00 PM  DJ Dana Cee (Specialty) (4 hours)
12:00 PM  Buffalo Phil (Specialty) (2 hours)
2:00 PM  not your mom's radio show (Alt Rock) with Katy D (2 hours)
5:00 PM  The Jim M Radio Show (Sports talk radio) with Jim M (2 hours)
7:00 PM  DJ Ava (Specialty) (1 hour)
10:00 PM  IDK Sunday's (Hip-Hop/R&B) with DJ HollyW8D (2 hours)
12:00 PM  The Time Strike (Pop!) with DJ Kiss (1 hour)
6:00 PM  Slam City (Electronic Freak Music) with DJ Riddick (2 hours)
8:00 PM  DJ ChizZzik (Hip-Hop/R&B) (2 hours)
10:00 PM  Live From the Basement (Underground Rap) with DJ Kastro (2 hours)