Current WCDB DJs

Bill McCann
DJ and a Half
DJ Cairo
DJ Catnap
DJ Chizzik
DJ Enzo
DJ Five Cent
DJ Freaky Styley
DJ Ghosty Jam
DJ Harmonicks
DJ Hexeszene
DJ HollyW8D
DJ Hutch
DJ Jello Dog
DJ Micky
DJ Mids
DJ Murph
DJ Phone Home
DJ Public Transportation
DJ Rhoto
DJ Sergio
DJ South Shore
DJ Spicy Brown
DJ Stargaze
DJ Suh Dude
DJ Tadashi
DJ Take 2
DJ Tanner
DJ Victor
John Gentile
Katy D
Mark Stevenson
Mike Irry
Mr. Ayele 8000
Mr. Every Day
Sir Walford


Become a DJ

UAlbany Undergrad Students: WCDB invites you to join the crazy and fun world of college radio by being a DJ, newscaster, producer, writer or... pretty much anything else. WCDB is a fully student-run station and there is always lots of things to do and fun things to get involved with. Most of them involve music, bands, culture, the arts, public affairs and matters of interest to the UAlbany campus community.

No experience is required - we will train you. All positions are volunteer. To get started, send an email to training [at] containing the following information:

If COVID is a concern, no worries. There's a lot you can help with remotely also. Get in touch soon!