About WCDB


WCDB is the broadcast voice of UAlbany, The State University of New York. We transmit at 90.9 FM from the uptown campus of UAlbany and online at wcdbfm.com.

We are funded by the UAlbany Student Association, and located in the UAlbany Campus Center building.

Our station is completely managed and run by students of UAbany. Our mission is to provide music and other programming that is an alternative to that which caters to the mainstream of popular culture. All our programming adheres to this mission.

WCDB was originally an AM station called WSUA, founded in 1963. It broadcast using a "carrier current" system to provide entertainment to students on the University campus. In 1978, WSUA became an FM station and changed call sign to WCDB. In 1982, it increased its power to its present 100 watts.

View our FM Coverage Map (radio-locator.com)

For more on the history of WCDB, visit The WCDB Historical Society.